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Rutundu Log Cabins Mt Kenya The Love Nest Video

September 25, 2012

Rutundu log cabins also called Rutundu lodge enjoy a beautiful location overlooking Lake Rutundu in Mt Kenya National Park, surrounded by alpine country.  It is a private,  memorable hideaway,  a love nest for lovers away from public scrutiny.  The loft location- higher up the slopes of Mt Kenya (10,000 feets above sea level), is romantic, a fairy-tales setting for happily ever after memories….The cabins are part of the famous Laikipia Tourism Circuit which comprises of private ranches, eco lodges and tented camps of Laikipia Kenya.  Like Adam and Eve, in the Garden of  Eden, it you, your partner and nature.  Activities include trout fishing, fly fishing, horse riding, nature walks, Arial tours on Helicopters, hikes to nearby  lake Alice.

The fame of Rutundu log Cabins is legendary.  Prince William engaged his wife Kate Middleton here.  Likewise you can do it here.

Getting to Rutundu Log Cabins

One can either drive or ride by helicopter to Rutundu.  Helicopter rides will cost in the range of USD 2500 per hour.

Rates/ Prices of Stay at Rutundu Log Cabins USD 548.00 for exclusive use of 4 pax of less on self catering basis.  An extra USD 110 per person per day is charged for full board accommodation.  That means USD 768 for two persons per day or USD 988.00 for 4 persons per day on full board basis.  Please seek clarification as prices are subject to change.

Combine visits to Rutundu with nearby community and private ranches like Il Ngwesi Community Ranch, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Sanctuary at Ol Lentille, Loisaba Wilderness.

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Drive to Rutundu Log Cabins-Mt Kenya National Park

December 10, 2011

Dated: 16th Aug 2011

“Hello there!  We had a great trip.  I am back at school now.  It was a real pleasure meeting you and your wife.  Many thanks for making our trip so wonderful.  Please keep in touch”,  Kathy McIntire ,

Though receiving this message from our guest inspired me to write, I discovered that I had few choices for words to describe this adventure.  Thrilling,  challenging, beautiful, hard, soft, inspiring all flooded into my brains.  I have to admit that the only way you can truly appreciate Rutundu log Cabins is by visiting.  Rutundu Log log Cabins and the adjacent lakes Rutundu and Alice enjoy a remote location in the middle of Mt Kenya National Park.  It a secluded, absolute escape for lovebirds, away from civilization and from it all.  Rutundu gained international fame as the place where Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge  proposed to the future Queen Kate Middleton.

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The morning of Jul 27th 2011 was a chilly.  Though it had not rained the previous days, it was threatening to drizzle and I and our tour guide Kirimi were wondering whether we will make it to pick our guests.  On a rainy day, it is a bit tricky to get to Rutundu even with a 4×4. You have to contend with sticky soils of Marania and Muchiene areas, not to forget that elephants can fell trees and block your route. To unblock the road can take the better part of the day.

From Meru we drove to Kiirua and branched to Kibirichia.  We drove past Kibirichia, Muchiene and entered Marania forest.  This is where we found elephants had felled one tree blocking the road.  Our help came from the un expected arrival of motor cycle riders who cleared the road and we passed on.  Driving up the road we came across a stone signposted Rutundu Log Cabins.  From this sign post you have undisturbed views of Ithangune hill, Lake Alice, the valleys below and the mountain peaks.  By the time we arrived in the moorlands, the sun was up and the day crystal clear and we were able to take some photographs.

Actually the signpost marks the end of forest and entry into the moorlands.  From here you drive for about two hours to Kathita gorge where your luggage is loaded into the cable cars for crossing.  All guests are advised to walk across the stream.  From the gorge, it takes about 30 minutes to walk to the Cabins.

The drive from the signpost to the cabins takes you via the most scenic route with clear views of the Mt peaks and the surrounding area.  You are likely to sport zebras, buffaloes or elephants within the forests or the moorlands.  Colourful flowery plants grace the moorlands.

On arrival at the Gorge, with assistance of the cabin staff,  our guests had already crossed and were waiting for us. We loaded their Luggage into the car, offered lift to one of the staff and drove back to Meru.

What to do / Activities At Rutundu Log Cabins

  1. Fishing for rainbow trout
  2. Hiking and walking on beautiful trails to lake Alice
  3. Bird Watching
  4. Horse riding from Kisima farm to Rutundu

To Book Rutundu Log Cabins Contact,

R&N Xplorer Africa Safaris , Tel +254 723 684 974 or email,

A visit to Rutundu can be combined with nearby Laikipia community and private ranches. These include Il Ngwesi Community Ranch, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Sanctuary at Ol Lentille, Loisaba Wilderness.


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