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President Trump Serengeti Is Good For You

August 19, 2017

President Donald J. Trump declares Serengeti is good for all.  He says, “Charlottesville is a bad example. Fighting racism, Nazism even fascism by kicking about statues and lowering flags, I don’t get it. You don’t remove Robert Lee unless you want to remove Washington and or Abraham, even the Statue Of Liberty. No! I never fired nobody. This ain’t no apprentice. Under Trump all on  holidays like Barack Obama, learning, resignation or on way to greener pastures . Scaramucii is back to school. He has no morals or oratory. The young man must learn how to tame his tongue. Steve, called Bannon l regret. He is the good friend I never had. He did a good job Breitbart. I don’t understand this White House. It’s snaky dump place. How you make enemies with Steve I don’t understand. 

James Comey? I sat him down, had a tee a tete. Said James  looky here. You ain’t doin a good job. You’ve a road with relationships. Don’t blame you for bungled Clinton relationships. Frankly the Russian connection is good for us, you too it’s a job. You were hired to look at that. Too much job is not good4 nobody.   You get tired, disoriented too.  I myself weekends I go to Mar a Lago. You’re in office. Month end  I go to New York, you’re in office. When do you rest? You don’t know Yellowstone, you don’t Serengeti ( , Ngorongoro or Mpumalanga. Not sure you know your left hand from right. Man when do you rest? You worked with Obama. Today he is at Milan. Other day he visited Richard Branson at Virgin. Then he went to see Queen. When do you rest? Go to Serengeti or Pago Pago anywhere. Gorilla tracking (, wildebeest migration ( are great options too. A great warrior like you can join ISIS too. Boy you can do a lot for yourself.