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Zanzibar Holidays Packages | Resort Attractions Beach Hotels Safaris

April 10, 2012

Zanzibar Holidays Packages | Resort Attractions Beach Hotels Safaris.

Beaches of Zanzbiar

An alluring Holiday Destination.

On my last day in Zanzibar I had to pack and leave very fast.  An second I would have fallen in love and stayed forever.  Ever heard of the alluring bug of Zanzibar?  It is so possessive and magnetic to a degree of hypnotization.  You set yours eyes on it and forget all your cares. You want to stay forever.  Seyyid Said lingered a second longer and the next minute he transferred his capital from Muscat to Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is a special holiday destination ideal for week long stays, honey moons or weekend escapes, relaxation and adventure.  The mention of Zanzibar invokes images of dreamy relaxation in pristine palm fringed beaches kissed by turquoise waters.  The beaches of Zanzibar among the top 10 beaches of the world.  Their powder-white sand is reputed to be so fine it literally squeaks between your toes.   Of particular fineness is the Nungwi  Beach.  Located in the northern tip of Zanzibar Nungwi enjoys a gently sloping coastline with white sandy beaches stretching for kilometers as far as the eye can see.  Along the coastline are tiny fishing villages which have never changed for centuries.  Along the same coastline are award winning beach resorts.  Top of the range of the North coast holiday resorts and hotels  are Diamonds Gemma Dell Est ResortRas Nungwi Beach Hotel, Ocean Paradise Hotel, Double Tree Hilton Resort , The Z Beach Hotel, Diamonds  Star Of The East Hotel, and Sandies Mapenzi Beach Club/ Hotel

Weekends Away Rates/ Prices Minimum Stay 3 Nights

Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel 3 Nights Stay USD PP

  • USD 733 PP Validity 1 Nov-23 DEC 2012 (Low Season)
  • USD 800 PP Validity-10JUN-30JUN; 1SEP-31 SEP 2012 (Mid Season)
  • USD 850 PP Validity-1JUL-31Aug 2012 ( Mid Season)
  • USD 1024.00 Validity 23DEC-9Jan 2012 (Peak Season)

The above rates include accommodation on half board and one way airport transfers from Airport to Hotel on Hotel car.

Karafuu Beach Hotel Minimum Stay 3 Nights

  • Garden Room USD 295.00 Validity 1APR-30 Jun 2012
  • Garden Room USD 406.00 Validity 1Jul-20 Jul 2012
  • Garden Room USD 469.00 Validity 2 Jul -31 Aug 2012
  • Garden Room USD 418.00 Valid 1Sep-22 Dec 2012
  • Cottage Room USD 373.00 Validity 1APR-30 Jun 2012
  • Cottage Room USD 484.00 Validity 1Jul-20 Jul 2012
  • Cottage Room USD 496.00 Validity 2 Jul -31 Aug 2012
  • Cottage Room USD 616.00 Valid 1Sep-22 Dec 2012
  • Junior Suite     USD 463.00 Validity 1APR-30 Jun 2012
  • Junior Suite     USD 553.00 Validity 1Jul-20 Jul 2012
  • Junior Suite     USD 637.00 Validity 2 Jul -31 Aug 2012
  • Junior Suite     USD 586.00 Valid 1Sep-22 Dec 201

The rates are inclusive of half board accommodation and one way transfer from Airport to hotel.