Hire Safari Land Cruiser Nairobi Airport| Rent 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Kenya



Hire Toyota safari Land cruiser Nairobi, Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta Airport,

The open roof safari Land cruiser

Daily Rental In USD

Low Season: 05JAN-29FEB/MAR/APR/01MAY-15JUN/01OCT-20DEC

USD 180 per day with driver
USD 230 per day with driver and fuel low season

High Season: 15JUN-30SEP/20DEC-04JAN

USD 240 per day with driver
USD 350 per day with driver and fuel

To hire safari land cruiser Nairobi, Kenya

To hire contact

Email: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com

Tell +254723684974

WhatsApp +254723684974

The SafariBest/ Hostile Utility Vehicle(HUV)

The custom made open roof 4×4 safari land cruiser alias SafariBeast or HUV- Hostile Utility Vehicle is 9 headed hostile terraine rider with unbeatable adventure spirit. Its ideal for anybody who desires unlimited access to East Africa and Africa in general. The safari land cruiser handles all terraines, wet, muddy, snowy, sandy, flooded or slippery grounds with equal ease. The land cruiser land cruiser has replaced the land rover as the car of choice in the hostile environments- deserts, battle fields and security operations. In Kenya we have safari land cruisers for hire in Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Wilson, Mombasa and Malindi. Other car rental locations in East Africa include Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Entebbe, Kigali, Dar es salaam, Watamu, Diani/ Ukunda, Nanyuki and Isiolo Airports. The 8 seater safari land cruiser is classified as PSV vehicel and come with driver/ chauffeur driven on unlimited mileage basis. We have a limited number of 5 seaters land cruisers for hire on self drive.

The 4wd Safari land cruiser for hire in Kenya has the following features:

Hire safari land cruiser Nairobi Kenya

Open roof for sightseeing and photography

The safari Land cruiser for hire in Nairobi has open roof for sightseeing

  • open roof for photography and sight seeing
  • winch and tow crane.
  • two way radio to keep in touch with other guides and rangers in the park
  • in-built fridges with mini bar or cooler boxes- fridgeis available in all our vehicles in Tanzania
  • two spare tyres
  • 2 battery system plus invertor to run fridge and charge electrical equipments
  • FM radio with mp3/4 player capability
  • water jerricans
  • mobile phone
  • warm water bottle to for warm beverages
  • camping gear on request request
Hire Toyota safari Land cruiser Nairobi Kenya airport

Safari land cruiser seat configuration. Notice the inbuilt fridge

It the best car for those who desire to visit the world renowned safari parks:- Masai Mara, lake Nakuru, Amboseli ,Samburu, Buffalo Springs, Aberdare, Tsavo East, Tsavo West among others. We also hire cars across the border to visit Serengeti, lake Manyara, Tarangire ,Ngorongoro.

At 4×4 car hire Nairobi we offers 24 hours service at tel +254723684974 or WhatsApp+254729641204 or Email us: at rnxploresafaris@gmail.com.

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