President Obama’s Bombshell To Men – Shopping is what completes a vacation 

President Barack Obama vacation bombshell.  Asked his advice to men on family vacations the President quipped, “shopping is what completes a vacation. Ya buy the ladies something.” Probed further he told our emissary, “that’s a big one, don’t you think?  I am on holiday subscriber not available, bye..” The president is enjoying his last family vacation as POTUS in Hawaii. He has severally reiterated Kenya is his best destination. For safaris to Ngorongoro and Serengeti see

Hire cars in Nairobi 

Self drive car hire  ideal for those who prioritize privacy, flexibility, those meditative and therapeutics who seek more time to explore and appreciate the beauty areas visited. 

Cars available for self drive include or with driver include, 

  1. Toyota Prado USD 180 per day
  2. Toyota Rav4 USD 100 to 130 per
  3. Sedans USD 50 to 70 per day
  4. Open roof 4×4 Safari land cruiser(the #SafariBeast) USD 200
  5. Mpvs like Noah USD 150 per day

The rates depends on locations. 

Cars are available for hire in Nairobi,  MombasaMalindi,  KampalaKigaliKilimanjaro  Dar es salaam,  ArushaEntebbe.   📞 +254723684974 📧,


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