Gems of Northern Tanzania #Serengeti 

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Why Northern Tanzania. The Gems Of Northern  Tanzania

Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Tarangire, Manyara, Lake Natron, Oldonyo le Ngai. 

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The different parks have similar animals but the highlights are totally different. 

a) Tarangire’s signature attractions are large elephants herds with individual groups of even hundred heads and the impressive stands of weird, ungainly baobab trees. Besides are you aware of Tarangire migration? Though not as impressive, spectacular as the Mara Serengeti migration it’s quite impressive too with 3000 elephants, 25000 wildebeest, 30000 zebras, gazelles, and fringe eared oryx. 

b) Ngorongoro has an impressive animal sighting. The crater is home to 25000 to 30000 big mammals including rare black rhinos, the beautiful scenery, phenomenal photography opportunities and local communities. Cultural visits organized through cultural tourism programs at Karatu. Other attractions include archeological site of Olduvai, Lake Natron and her flamingos, Empakai crater, the active volcano of Oldonyo le Ngai. Lake Natron is a Ramsar site, the breeding ground of lesser flamingos. The lake contains trona, called Sodium bicarbonate (Na3Co3) or washing powder a chemical essential for glass and detergent manufacturing. The lake’s pinkish, reddish coloration (see photo) is attributed to availability of cyanobacteria and other bacteria organism that photosynthesis just like plants.  Give Ngorongoro Crater a day, Lake Natron a day or two, Oldonyo Le Ngai 2 days. 

c) Serengeti’s
( highlights are annual wildebeest migration and the predator in action phenomenon. Serengeti has the largest concentration of predators, over 10000 of them. 8000 of these are spotted hyenas, lions number 3000. The rest are leopards, cheetah, serval etc. 

The Ndutu area of southern Serengeti /Ngorongoro is best explored in combination of Olduvai gorge. Ndutu highlights include archeological site of Olduvai, the Oldeani gorge, the shifting sands, the Olbalbal depression, Mt Makarot, the Selai Plains. The Oldeani gorge is the world famous breeding ground of Ruppel’s griffon (griffin) vulture. In the cliffs are Lamagyyer vultures, Nyanza swallow, klipspringers too. Oldeani is the best place to see authentic Masai morans. 

d) Lake Manyara National Park
. Is famous for its tree climbing lions and the ever green  ground water forest, the hot water springs and prolific birdlife. 
All the parks have over 400 species of birds recorded. So as you can see parks are not all about animals. Each has a history. Though animal species maybe similar the disposition is totally different. Lions in Tarangire may climb trees

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