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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy | Lewa Down-Prince William Hideout

November 18, 2010

The history of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy can be traced to the decline of wild black rhino population.  The intense poaching 0f the 1970’s had reduced the wild populations from the high of 20,000 individuals to a mere 300 individuals scattered in different locations. By 1980’s to safe the black rhino was the number one priority of the governments and conservations.  It was an enormous task requiring heavy investments in terms of land and security.  The government appeal to the private individuals to chip in bore fruits.

In 1983, David and Delia Craig set aside 5000 Acres of their ranch as Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary.  Anna Merz, a renowned conservationist and philanthropist contributed her savings.  With land and cash at hand, they captured and trans-located the wild populations into the sanctuary to form a breeding herd.  Today the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, employs over 300 people and occupies an area of 40,00o acres.

Location of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The conservancy is located on along Isiolo Road, two Kilometers from Meru/Isiolo/Isiolo Nanyuki junction.  It is approximately 260 Kilometers from Nairobi on a paved road.

Getting to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The critical mass of Lewa is worldwide.  It is a famous destination attracting a diversity of guests, the list of which includes no other than Prince William. From Nairobi, you can either fly or drive into Lewa.  A fly/drive arrangement is possible.  Two road options are available.  From Nairobi you can either drive as follows

  • Road A2-Nairobi-Karatina-Kiganjo-Nanyuki-Subuiga-Lewa
  • Road A2-Nairobi-Makutano(Take B2 Road)-Embu-Meru-Subuiga-Lewa
  • Rent 4×4 car to visit lewa

Whichever road you use, you drive all the way to Isiolo Junction (Subuiga) from where the gate of Lewa is 2 km down Isiolo Road(A2).

Accommodation at Lewa Wildlife conservancy is offered by Lewa House, Lewa Safari Camp, Wilderness Trails, Kifaru House, Sirikoi Camp.

Lewa House consists of the main house and three cottages. It can accommodate in total 12 guests.  It has a large swimming pool

Lewa Safari Camp (USD 180 (Low Season)-USD410(High Season pp sharing) provides 12 tents with a swimming pool. The camp offer spectacular views of snow capped Mt Kenya and Laikipia.

What to do/ Activities at Lewa Wildlife Conservation.

The activities at Lewa are diverse.  Within the sanctuary itself

  1. Game viewing – with the option of day and night drives
  2. Bird
  3. Bush walks with local guides
  4. Lion tracking
  5. Visits to local villages(Bomas)
  6. Visit the pre-historic archaeological site
  7. fly fishing (weather permitting)
  8. Participation in wildlife management activities
  9. Educational talks on the history and day-to-day operation of the conservancy.
  10. Massage and Beauty therapy
  11. Sundowners
  12. Bush meals
  13. Game watching from blinds
  14. Aerial and helicopter rides.
  15. Visits to the nearby attractions and ranches.

While in Lewa one can also visit the nearby private and community ranches of  Il Ngwesi, Borana and Lekurruki.  To the west of Lewa are Il Ngwesi Ranches and Borana ranches.  Borana is a private commercial ranch incorporating wildlife conservation.  The ranch organizes excellent nature walks, horse riding and sun-downers in addition to fishing excursion in the nearby Mt Kenya National Park with overnight stays at Rutundu Log Cabins (Full board USD 570 per day  for exclusive use o f 4 pax).  Accommodation in Borana is at Borana Lodge (USD 560-640pp sharing) and Laragai (Exclusive use of upto 6 pax USD 3400-39oo depending on season per day on full board). Laragai can accommodate a total of 12 pax.

Il Ngwesi is a community ranch owned by Laikipiak/Mukogondo/ Il Ngwesi Maasai. They own the excellent Il Ngwesi Eco Lodge (USD 400 pp per night).  Activities include, exploring the magnificent conservation area that adjoins Lewa, Borana and the Mukogodo Forest Reserve. Others include visits to the cultural boma, excursions along the Ngare Ndare River with local guides which offers special opportunity to get close to the wildlife, picnic breakfasts, game drive, sun-downers on top of  Mukogodo Hills and visits to troops of baboons and monkeys. A popular attraction is OMNI, the habituated orphan black rhino, trans-located from Lewa.

Similar activities are offered at Lekurruki Ranch with accommodation at Tassia Eco Lodge (USD450 PP per night).

Besides the above, one can visit Sweet Waters Game Sanctuary and Ol Pejeta Conservancy.  In the vicinity of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy are National Parks of Meru, Samburu, Mt Kenya, Buffalo Springs and Shaba.

Book your Stay in Lewa or any of the above lodge

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