Hire Safari Land Cruiser Nairobi Airport| Rent 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Kenya

March 20, 2019



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Hire toyota Rav4 Nairobi

March 19, 2019

Hire Toyota Rav4 Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta Airport | 4×4 4wd Car Rental Kenya

March 10, 2019

Hire Toyota Rav4 Nairobi Kenya>


Daily Rates

  • Self drive USD 100 per day
  • With driver USD 120 per day
  • With driver and fuel USD 160 per day\n

Rate inclusive of

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Driver allowance, accommodation, meal

To hire Toyota RAV4 in Nairobi

Contact GSR (http://gorillasafarisrwanda.com) Email :rnxploresafaris@gmail.com / safaribargains@gmail.com, Tel +254723684974 / +254729641204

💥Best offers for prices per day🌟

  1. 4×4 safari land cruiser USD 200
  2. SUV 4×4 Toyota Prado USD 180
  3. SUV 4×4 Nissan Patrol USD 180
  4. Budget SUV 4×4 Rav4 USD 120 per 4 town use. Use in the parks not recommended
  5. MPVS USD 160 per day with driver

Services on offer

  1. Unlimited mileage
  2. One way rental- rent in Dar leave at Jro
  3. Continuity in case of breakdown we offer replacement.
  4. Chauffeur driven
  5. Self drive


Cars come with comprehensive or third party insurance


August 28, 2018

#Nothern4Adventure : The Ngorongoro Crater Highlands is a natural paradise of glorious beauty with numerous choices for nature lovers.  It’s a land of sparkling mineral springs, cascading water falls, beautiful craters and numerous wildlife. It’s the starting point for lake Natron expeditions and visits to active volcano Ol Doinyo le Ngai (mountain of God). The Crater Highlands tour comprise of:
A) visits to Ngorongoro crater

B) hiking to Olmoti crater

C) excursions to empakai crater

D) hiking to waterfalls

E) expeditions to lake Natron and Oldonyo le Ngai.

F) cultural tours to masai bomas.
Book your Crater Highlands tour

Contact GSR (http://gorillasafarisrwanda.com) Email rnxploresafaris@gmail.com Tel +254723684974

Beautiful Meru 

April 10, 2018

Beautiful Meru from Subuiga.  This is where the elephants Corridor tunnel joins Ngare Ndare Forest and Mt Kenya National Park. 2km from here is the gate of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. 

For #MotherOfAllEscapes, #InfiniteHolidays and #FearlessAdventures into Meru and Northern Kenya Contact  GSR (gorillasafarisrwanda.com) Email: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com /safaribargains@gmail.com Tel +254723684974. 


1. Hiking and Trekking Safaris to Matthews Range, Ololokwe, Ndoto (Poi) , Kirisia Ranges. 

2. Safaris to Lake Turkana, Marsabit NP and Lake Paradise, Sibiloi National Park, Meru NP, Mt Kenya NP, Samburu, Buffalo Springs, Shaba reserves. 

3. Tours to community and private conservancies like IL Ngwesi, Lewa, Tassia, Borana Conservancy, Namunyek, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Sweet Waters, and Ole Ari Nyiro,  The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille, Mugie House, Koija Starbeds, Sirikoi Lodge

gorillasafarisrwanda.com, Nairobi

March 8, 2018


A night in God’s bedroom. 

March 8, 2018

🔥🔥Holiday In God’s Bedroom💥💥

You ask me the most interesting thing to do in Rwanda. My answer is a simple interacting with Rwandese, dancing their dances, eating their food, listening to their stories, helping in their farms. They are the most humble, happy, welcoming and loving people in the whole world. I won’t tell you Rwanda has the most beautiful ladies in the planet. You will see it for yourself.  Rwandese is are full of laughter and fun. Get talking with Rwandese and you find you have forgotten your troubles. You just want to stay with them. That said I am wondering why you cant take a guide to keep you company and show you around. 

🔥💥🔥For self drive road trips🔥💥Contact GSR (http://gorillasafarisrwanda.com), Email: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com 🔥

Everything in Rwanda is interesting. The country is beautifully crafted, hills upon green hills cover the whole county. It’s soo beautiful. It’s the God’s bedroom. Rwandese believe that God spends the day roaming the world but retires to sleep in Rwanda. Driving is a real challenge as roads are series of sharp almost circular beds. Whether you book our car or go with someone else I would love to hear your opinion on Rwanda. 

Kigali (voted the cleanest green city in the world) an interesting artistic modern city  alone has lots of hidden gems to keep you busy. Lots of specialty restaurants featuring international and local  cuisine,   colourful markets cultural centres, curio shops. Top in the list of places to visit in Kigali is the Genocide Memorial of Gisozi where you learn the history of Rwanda from pre colonial to present day with emphasis on the making genocide. For more history in founding of the modern Rwanda visit the Richard Khadt’s Museum and the recently opened Presidential Palace. Even more interesting is the Muslim quarter of Nyamirambo. 

Gorilla Trekking is the undisputed number one attraction in Rwanda. Personally I put Nyungwe Forest as the number one in uniqueness. Here is the source of the River Nile and an encounter with our closest relatives – the chimpanzees. On the way to Nyungwe visit the King’s palace in Nyanza (Huye) and the Museum of Butare. Butare too hosts the National University, a beautiful cathedral and a botanical garden. Here too you find an important handcraft factory. 

Another not to miss in Rwanda are the lakeside resorts of Kibuye and Rubavu (Gisenyi) with boat rides and visits to the islands. 

There are lots of amazing things to see and do in Rwanda. You cannot exhaust them within your 8 days. Volcanoes Park alone offers lots of hiking opportunities. Besides gorilla Trekking you can hike the Volcanoes of Bisoke, Karisimbi or visits the red colobus monkeys. In the vicinity are lakes Burela and Ruhondo with unique cultural tourism program. 

I hope my explanation will help you to make decisions of what to do.

gorillasafarisrwanda.com – safaribargains

February 19, 2018


Best offers at Singita Grumeti Lodges

January 9, 2018

Singita evokes the nostalgia of luxury travel. Singita properties in Grumeti. #Serengeti  attracts the creme service launch creme of luxury travel. Serengeti Grumeti reserve (350,000 hac) is Tanzania’s millionaires playground.  In Singita Grumeti celebrities and royals  have find the oft elusive peace. 

Below are our 2018 💥Best Offers💥 for Singita properties in Grumeti. Get a chance to compare  Singita Serengeti luxury Lodges and tented camps.
 For Enquiries Contact: 

GSR (http://gorillasafarisrwanda.com) rnxploresafaris@gmail.com /safaribargains@gmail.com Tel +254723684974 

Conditions apply. 

Seasons: High and green seasons apply as follows.  

▪High Season H (1Jan-5Jan; 1Jun-31Oct ;20-31DEC) 

▪Green Season G  (16Jan-31May ; 1Nov-19Dec)

Properties and theirbRates 

1. 💥Singita Sasakwa Lodge 💥

  • Double Room : H USD 1941.00 PP ; L USD 1441 PP ; Per Child USD 957.00/Night
  • 2 Bedroom Cottage: (1-3 guests) H USD 4785.00. Additional guest USD 1941.00/Night . ;L USD 3685 per cottage. Each additional guest USD 1441.00/ Night; Child USD 957.00/Night
  • 3 Bedroom Cottage: (1-3 guests) H USD 5742. 00.  Each additional guest USD 1941.00/Night.; L USD 3685. 00 per cottage. Each additional guest USD 1442.00/Night. ; Child USD 957/Night 

➡Additional COSTS PP / Night: Wildlife Management Authority (WMA) Adult USD 59.00; Child USD 32.50 ;TDL USD 1.50

4×4 car hire Tanzania. Hire 4×4 car in Tanzania to visit Grumeti. Best time to visit Jul during migration. 

Best Offers for self drive / 4×4 car hire with driver in Tanzania . 

  • Toyota prado USD 200/ day
  • Toyota rav4 USD 130/day
  • Open roof 4×4 safari land cruiser (SafariBeast) with driver USD 200 per day or USD 270 per day with driver and fuel. 

2. 💥Singita Faru Faru Lodge 💥

  • Double Room : H USD 1562.00 PP ; L USD 1287 PP. ; Child USD 710.00/Night
  • 2 Family Suite: (Min 1-3 guests) H USD 3905.00. Additional guest USD 710.00 Per night . ;L USD 3218.00 per Suite. Each additional guest USD 710.00 Per Night.; Child USD 782.00/Night
  • 2 Bedroom Suit :(1-4 guests) H USD 6737. 00.  Per suite; L USD 5529. 00 per Suite. 

➡Additional COSTS PP / Night: Wildlife Management Authority (WMA) Adult  USD 59.00; Child USD 32.50  TDL USD 1.50

3. 💥Singita Sabora Tented Camp 💥Has total of 9 doubles

  • Double Room : H USD 1941.00 PP ; L USD 1441 PP. ; Child USD 781.00/Night 

➡Additional COSTS PP / Night: Wildlife Management Authority (WMA)  USD Adult 123.90 ; Child USD 85.50. ;TDL USD 1.50 PP 

4.💥Singita EXplore Tented Cam💥

For private exclusive use. 6(Six) doubles maximum 12 guests 

  • Per Camp (Min 1-3 guests : H USD 4686.00  ; L USD 3862. ; Child USD 781. 00/Night. ; Per Additional Adult USD 1562.00 Per night . 

➡Additional COSTS PP / Night: Wildlife Management Authority (WMA)  USD 120.95 .00; Child USD 76.70.; TDL USD 1.50 PP 

5. 💥 Singita Serengeti House 💥

Singita Serengeti House swimming pool

Swimming pool singita Serengeti house

For exclusive Private use 4 doubles Maximum 8 pax

  • Per House/Night. H USD 4489. 00.; L USD 2913.00
  • Per House (1-4 guests) : H USD 8775.00 ; L USD 5865.00. ; Per additional Adult USD 1915.00.; Per child USD 957.00
  • 7 Nights Full House Exclusive use : (1-8 guests) H USD 86768.00  . ;L USD 56545.00 

➡Additional COSTS PP / Night: Wildlife Management Authority (WMA)  USD 59.00; Child USD 35.40. ;TDL USD 1.50

6. 💥Singita Mara River Tented Camp 💥

  • Double Room : H USD 1562.00 PP ; L USD 1287. 00PP ; Additional Adult USD 781.00/Night. ;Per Child USD 957.00/Night
  • Family Suite Max. 4 guests per tent : (1-3 guests) H USD 5455.00.  ;L USD 3857. 00/Night
  • Full House Exclusive Use: (1-6 guests) H USD 17485. 00/Night. ;L USD 14834.00/Night

➡Additional COSTS PP / Night: Wildlife Management Authority (WMA) Adult USD 129.80; Child USD 82.60 ; Concessions fee USD 59.00 PP. ;TDL USD 1.50

4x4 car hire kilimanjaro

4×4 car hire Kilimanjaro to visit Serengeti /Grumeti. Cars available on self drive or with driver.

To hire 4×4 car at Kilimanjaro email rnxploresafaris@gmail.com /safaribargains@gmail.com 

Best Offers for self drive / car hire with driver. 

  • Toyota prado USD 200/ day
  • Toyota rav4 USD 130/day
  • Open roof 4×4 safari land cruiser (SafariBeast) with driver USD 200 per day or USD 270 per day with driver and fuel. 

4×4 Car Hire Arusha – Gorillasafarisrwanda

January 8, 2018